Being funny is actually a serious job!


Do you think you are funny, and you love it? Is it easy for you to tell funny stories, jokes, and one-liners? If so, then maybe you ought to try becoming a professional stand-up comedian, though some of the challenges you might encounter along the way, may include looking for opportunities to be on stage in front of live audiences in comedy clubs, bars, nightclubs, college campuses, theaters or any other venues, coping with a high demand for new jokes, constantly trying to break cultural boundaries, being afraid to bomb, not stealing material from other comedians, sticking to your times, etc. In other words, being a funny person can sometimes be a serious thing.

Colombian Accents had the opportunity to interview aspiring stand-up comedian Hugo Aristizabal, who shares with us details on how he became involved with the comedy world, who inspires him in this difficult performing art, and how stand-up comedy routines are just beginning to be accepted and liked by Colombian society.

“I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately” George Carlin

Listen interview here:

Short biodata:

Name: Hugo Aristizabal
Place of Birth: Pensilvania, Caldas, Colombia
Occupation: Computer Systems Engineer and Stand up Comedian

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