Changes For a New World

"Basically we are creatures of habit and in terms of psychological functioning we should really strive for following the patterns that we were used to following during normal times ... and the fact that you are not able to pull a routine or micro-routine is one of the biggest obstacles that people have for their wellbeing and psychological functioning," experimental psychologist and English teacher Jonathan Ñañez told us during our conversation a few weeks ago, during the early stages of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak and shelter at home phase.

After almost three months of adapting to new paradigm shifts and accelerated online training and re-learning, we can feel the immense impact that these new normals in our society have had on all of us. In the upcoming weeks, many people will go back to their workplace and try to conduct what a normal and productive life can be these days under so much psychological and economic pressure. "Life goes on," it is said.

Andres Valencia and Alvaro Henao joined us for a conversation along with Jonathan Ñañez about the physiological effects of COVID 19, strategies for building mental health and wellbeing, our social divide, changes in the future of our society, artificial intelligence's impact on social policies and individual liberties, and a positive outlook for things to come in our future. 

As the great Bruce Lee used to say, it's time to, "Be Water, My Friend.


To find information related to the Coronavirus (COVID 19), please visit the Colombian Health Ministry official site at 


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