Colombian Accents had the chance to talk with Enrique Arias Castaño. After 14 solid years of experience as an educator, he’s the person in charge of leading the English language-teaching program at the “Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira” an academic offering that responds to the needs to professionalize future English teachers and helps improve English language teaching and learning practices in this part of Colombia. Enrique shared with us details of what a university program coordinator does and how he sees himself as a bridge between the administration and the academic community of the program. He shared his opinion about programs like the Ministry of Education’s cultural exchange with volunteer native English speakers in public schools in Colombia. He also refers to Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), teachers’ professional development and teaching trends, as part of his current top three (3) ELT topics that he considers are most important for Colombian English learners and teachers.

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Short biodata:

Name: Enrique Arias
Place of Birth: Bogota D.C
Occupation: English Language Teaching Univiversity Professor

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