Only two hours away from the Colombian border with Ecuador, we find San Juan de Pasto or simply the city of Pasto, the capital of the Colombian department of Nariño. There are cultural differences between people from Nariño and the rest of the country. Colombian Accents sat with Fernando Riascos, an English teacher from Pasto, Nariño who has been working in Santuario Risaralda, for the past 16 years as an English teacher. He told us what he misses the most about his hometown,  what he likes the most about Risaralda, his thoughts on some of the necessary skills a teacher should acquire to improve learning practices and become an effective educator, as well as his opinion on what really matters when learning a foreign language.

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Short biodata:

Name: Edgar Fernando Riascos
Place of Birth: Tumaco, Nariño, Colombia
Occupation: English Language Teacher

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