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Acquiring a second language is a process that can’t be limited to spending a couple of hours a week in a classroom trying to be exposed to and understand the use of the target language, even for people who have had the opportunity to spend time learning abroad. It ought to be a lifelong linguistic and cultural learning experience that needs to be part of your everyday activities in life; otherwise, the lack of exposure would make the task more difficult to accomplish. Picking up and acquiring a foreign or second language is not only about understanding grammar or knowing vocabulary, you also need to be properly motivated to keep learning and make time available to practice.  Let’s talk Pereira is a conversation group  started by Christopher Mcnultyand Steve Morrison, a couple of expatriate friends who helped create a meeting space in a social setting, beyond the traditional classrooms. Their motive was to get to know other English speaking people in their city, and share their experiences, all in all while practicing the English language. Earlier this year, Colombian Accents had the opportunity to sit down and have a pleasant talk to the current organizers of the group, José Conforto, Daniela Rivera, Maria Gutierrez and Ivan Gonzalez. During the interview, they shared with us a piece of their personal stories and invited us all to join and support this kind of social movements  in order to keep increasing the participant’s level of English language exposure in our natural and traditional local Spanish speaking contexts. 


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Short biodata:

Name: Let's Talk Pereira
Place of Birth: Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia
Occupation: Social Learning

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