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Colombians are well known for the beauty of its women, the talent of its artists, and for the happiness, which characterizes its peoples among many other positive cultural traits. Even though we still have a lot of things to improve as a society, it’s people like our guest that use all of their creativity to touch and connect with others, who inspire many to live each and every day, to pursue happiness and enjoy doing it, to love others no matter what. Mónica Andrea Vives Orozco, more commonly known as Maia, is a Colombian singer and songwriter who was born in Barranquilla. During one of her presentations in Pereira, a few years back Colombian Accents had the wonderful opportunity and great pleasure to interview Maia and talk to her about her musical work and experience as an artist. She proudly shares with us her cultural heritage that finds its roots between the heat of the Colombian coast and North American folklore. She refers to foreign languages and its importance as tools that we all need to have better opportunities in today's society and highlights English as one of the most important languages that everybody should learn how to use.

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Short biodata:

Name: Monica Andrea Vives Orozco (MAIA)
Place of Birth: Barranquilla, Colombia
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter

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