Currently, the Colombian government at the national and regional levels is doing a great effort to support and improve English language teaching and learning in our country. The Ministry of Education recently launched two updated English Learning programs called “Colombian Very Well 2015 - 2025”, and “Colombia Bilingüe 2014- 2018”. Among many, one of the most talked-about strategies is the one being carried out by the “Heart for change foundation” and its English Teaching Fellowship program. It promotes language and cultural exchange by embedding English native speakers-international volunteers into public schools and it fosters proper conditions for them to work side by side with Colombian teachers in many different major cities of Colombia, including Pereira. In Risaralda, the Secretary of Education with the support of the Royalty General System works closely with members of the ”Nukanti foundation” who are also conducting a similar program with volunteers in 12 municipalities of this Department. Colombian Accents had the chance to talk with Lorena Perez, an English teacher from Filandia Quindio, who works with one of these programs in Pereira and gave us her thoughts about these type of initiatives, she also shared with us her general thoughts on her top three English language-teaching topics that members of ELT community are mostly speaking about these days in Colombia.

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Short biodata:

Name: Lorena Perez
Place of Birth: Filandia, Quindio, Colombia
Occupation: English Language Teacher

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