The Future of English Language Teaching in Colombia - Then & Now.

It gave visibility to the real important people that we need to have in society,” senior educational consultant & coach Ricardo Romero Medina, tells us when asked about his thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and its impact on society.  

During our conversation, Ricardo also talks about other issues that are relevant to today’s educational world, particularly English language learning and teaching. He shares his thoughts on some of the limitations in our society that have become obvious and the importance of allocating resources to mend other imperatives like internet coverage and access through computers for education, intense training for educators, the fact that students are becoming better self-regulated learners, the importance of being a disciplined responsible citizen in times of the pandemic, the need for risk analysis in our everyday life activities, having contingency plans, and why if we do things right, education will have much more positive results than ever before, because as he well said it “What is ahead could be as promising as we want it”


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